2015 NBA All-Star helps Unilever Canada launch Dry Spray Antiperspirant technology Today.

Like Lowry, Unilever strives to provide premium personal maintenance systems by being committed to leading innovative analysis,’ says Jessica Grigoriou, Advertising Director, Unilever Canada. ‘Antiperspirant can be an important product used daily, and with new Dry Spray Antiperspirants, Canadians shall have a dry, clean application experience that’s unlike anything else on the market.’ The start event helped kick-off a strategic partnership between Unilever Canada's guys's personal care and attention brands and the Toronto Raptors. ‘I'm always looking for new ways to advance my video game and it's great to utilize a partner that does the same using its products,’ says Lowry.Today, the governor is set to release a spending plan for the 2010-11 fiscal year that is expected to include even deeper cuts to health insurance and human services’ . Leaders of some of the state’s largest hospitals failed to show up at a public hearing yesterday to response regulators’ questions about what is traveling up costs. A month earlier, officials of the state’s major insurance firms testified at a youthful group of hearings, but refused to reply many key questions. The hearings on medical center costs, tuesday which conclude, are part of a three-month probe by the Patrick administration that started as an investigation into the known reasons for the disproportionately high medical health insurance prices paid by small businesses, but has since mushroomed right into a larger, program wide inquiry’ .