A leading distributor of pharmaceuticals in Canada.

AA Pharma launches Lithium Carbonate SR 300mg for Bipolar Disorder in Canada Lithium Carbonate extended formulation designed for treatment of Bipolar Disorder AA Pharma Inc., a leading distributor of pharmaceuticals in Canada, is pleased to announce the release of LITHMAX, a sustained launch formulation including 300mg of lithium carbonate drugstore . LITHMAX is definitely indicated in the treatment of manic episodes of Bipolar Disorder, along with the maintenance treatment for individuals with a medical diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. This extended-release formulation is an AA Pharma Inc. Special and has been available in drugstores across Canada since January 2011.

And they’ve heeded the warnings never to talk on their cellphones while generating. Thirty-four % of these 75 and older say they’ve performed it. That’s weighed against 82 % of drivers age 25-39. Old drivers have a tendency to wear their chair belts more regularly. They have a tendency to drink and drive less, and so they tend to become general safer motorists, said Jurek Grabowski, AAA’s research director. When they do possess a perceived inability to operate a vehicle, they have a tendency to self-regulate. Which may describe why 76 % of them favor wellness screenings for older drivers, and 74 % believe older drivers must have to renew their permit personally.