A leading global provider of custom made manufacturing services.

SOURCE Albemarle Corporation.. Albemarle, Pharmacore partner to provide manufacturing capabilities for high volume capability projects Albemarle Company , a leading global provider of custom made manufacturing services, announced today it’ll partner with PharmaCore to supply manufacturing capabilities for clients with projects that want high volume capability. This alliance enables a seamless technology transfer from PharmaCore to Albemarle, providing PharmaCore clients long term, higher quantity capacity for their pharmaceutical projects., Tyrone, Pa..

Each country has met the requirements for at least one Millennium Development Goal , while ‘[a]nother six are on the right track to meet the goals by the deadline in 2015, with the progress visible partly due to better data monitoring and collection,’ the news company notes, adding, ‘Data collected in 2010 2010 and earlier had found none of these states had met any of the MDGs’ . ‘The 20 fragile and conflict affected countries that have met one or more targets are Afghanistan, Angola, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Comoros, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Iraq, Kiribati, Liberia, Libya, Marshall Islands, Federated Claims of Micronesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Sudan, Syria, Timor-Leste, Togo, Tuvalu, and West Bank and Gaza,’ according to a World Bank press release, which notes Nepal is the only nation among the list to have got met the MDG for maternal mortality.