A multivitamin might not be the best choice.

It is equally vital that you also consider what we are placing into our system that may be depleting our supplement and mineral stores unnaturally. Many pharmaceutical medications cause vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies. For example, birth control pills have been linked to depleting your body of vitamins B6 directly, B12 and folate, as well as magnesium. Common chemicals like coffee, alcohol and cigarettes are recognized to cause supplement and mineral depletion in the body also.Among the drug combinations to be tested are two compounds approved by the FDA for other uses already. One blocks a definite survival strategy that tumor cells make use of. The other neutralizes an important growth factor for most tumors. These were chosen, in part, because this treatment could possibly be quickly brought to market following a effective physician’s trial and completion of the FDA authorization process. Cancer cells use available glucose at an extremely high rate so when stressed by chemotherapy or radiation will selectively get rid of fat to survive.