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For me, which means hiking regularly, but also for others that may mean taking a walk during lunch time or substituting fruits and vegetables for less healthy foods. But taking the first step is the most significant always.’ To greatly help Hispanics consider their first rung on the ladder, the NDEP is offering a fresh music CD cost-free to help Hispanics get more physical activity to prevent type 2 diabetes. Performed by a diverse band of Hispanic recording artists, MOVIMIENTO, Por Su Vida is a assortment of six original songs with a Latin dance defeat and lyrics that celebrate life in an effort to promote physical activity as a way to stay healthful and assist in preventing diabetes. The CD’s appeal transcends age and vocabulary boundaries combining cross-cultural lyrics with key messages and words repeated in Spanish and English.‘This study raises the prospect that the flu shot decreases the risk of getting pneumonia,’ Siegel said. ‘I’m buying that – – but it isn’t proof.’ But it is possible that the flu shot presents protection from pneumonia, Siegel added. ‘People may get some protection they are not even counting on,’ he said. ‘You can find added safety against the real killer – – pneumonia.’ All Americans over the age of 6 months should be vaccinated each complete year against the flu, the CDC recommends.

ARV drug resistance levels in low – steady, middle-income countries, Who all report says More widespread use of antiretroviral drugs to treat HIV infection has resulted in medication resistance in low – and middle-income countries, however the known level ‘isn’t steep enough to trigger alarm, said a survey released by the World Health Organization on Wednesday,’ Agence France-Presse reports.