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PlanTouch’s user interface is fully integrated with the CyberKnife System’s data management and planning software. Doctors is now able to review dose volume histograms, isodose curves, contours, and images and approve treatment programs straight from their iPads. This new mobile option can allow improved collaboration between the radiation oncologist and referring physicians, such as thoracic surgeons, urologists and neurosurgeons. Physicians are no more linked with planning workstations, but instead can access treatment plans remotely, wherever and whenever they need to, ensuring a effective and seamless workflow.So the burden falls on his stepdaughter. ‘I don’t appear at that as a sacrifice; I simply look at it as, that’s just the way life is at this time,’ she stated. ‘Like when I experienced cancer, it’s just one day at a time.’ And she is not alone. Based on the Family Caregiver Alliance, some 45 million Americans are caring for an elderly family member currently. Former Democratic Senate Majority Innovator Tom Daschle says the issue of long-term care is now a national crisis, as more of us you live with limited resources longer.