According to a study by a PhD researcher at the University of Adelaide.

When thinking about family size, the dads in the Adelaide research tended to be more concerned about the financial costs of more children, and the limits of their car or house size. Mums were as concerned about the physical and mental limitations of conception, birth and pregnancy, and dealing with more children because they were about the economic impact and the need or desire to come back to paid work, she said The scholarly study shows that if people are going to reach their desired family size, then more non-monetary parental support is necessary.Furthermore, substantial improvement in the histologic structure within the kidney was observed as measured by a reduction in tubular cell loss of life and epithelial shedding .. About being on time In his traditional existentialist novel, The Stranger, Camus wrote, ‘I’d read, of course, that in jail one ends up losing tabs on time.’ Then provides his protagonist reflect upon how much ‘time’ had governed his lifestyle before he had become incarcerated. That is interesting – and fairly recent as the whole idea of linear ‘time’ is certainly a construct of modernity.