According to an evaluation of previous research.

There have been 1,000 deaths among 1,924 sufferers assigned to chemotherapy groupings and 1,067 deaths among 1,857 sufferers assigned to surgery-only groupings. The researchers discovered that there was a substantial reap the benefits of any chemotherapy compared with surgery alone, with analysis indicating an overall 18 % decrease in the risk of loss of life with chemotherapy. The approximated median overall survival was 4.9 years in the surgery-only group vs. 7.8 years in the group receiving adjuvant chemotherapy. An absolute improvement around 6 % in overall survival was observed after 5 years, and maintained at 10 years. Five-year overall survival increased from 49.6 % to 55.3 % with chemotherapy. Adjuvant chemotherapy was also associated with an 18 % reduction in the chance of relapse, compared with surgery by itself.‘I’m very vibrant, I’ve plenty of energy,’ Larkins says. ‘I’m up at no afterwards than 5:30 in the morning. I’m all set.’ What started as a quest to accomplish increased energy and feel healthier turned into a vegetarian life style and, eventually, a natural vegan life-style. Despite her husband’s meat-eating practices, she remains loyal to natural foods. ‘My diet includes fruits, nuts, vegetables and seeds,’ she says. ‘I do a whole lot of sprouting of seeds.’ In addition to inner benefits, many raw foods’ ingredients help improve the skin’s overall look, resulting in a more youthful look.