Acquisition provides Pfizer with a preclinical CMV vaccine candidate Pfizer Inc.

Jansen, Ph.D., senior vice president & CSO Vaccine Research & Early Development for Pfizer. Through the acquisition of the Redvax innovative CMV vaccine platform and expertise we will seek to develop a vaccine to prevent a difficult disease that can have a devastating and lifelong effect on small children. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance estimate that, in the U.S., 5 approximately, 000 children every year develop lasting health problems caused by CMV such as for example hearing or vision reduction, and mental disability. The Institute of Medicine has ranked the advancement of a CMV vaccine while a highest priority due to the lives it would save and the disabilities it would prevent.5 The approximated costs connected with CMV disease for the U.S.Now a new method released in BioMed Central’s open gain access to journal Genome Biology assists researchers to raised understand the delicate interplay between distinctions in microRNA expression levels and their target genes. Following their highly cited way for the evaluation of reverse transcription quantitative PCR expression data for mRNA transcripts, published in Genome Biology in 2007, Jo Vandesompele of the guts for Medical Genetics, Ghent University Medical center, Colleagues and Belgium have produced an innovative, straightforward and applicable way for quantitative RT-PCR data normalization for microRNAs universally.