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30 Administration officials and consumer advocates express that the enrollment website serving residents of 36 says is becoming easier for people to use, but insurers warn that flaws continue steadily to hinder health plans. Officials acknowledge that some users will continue to experience outages and mistake messages. Meanwhile, Bloomberg talks about the president's efforts to monitor the problem. The Washington Post: Obamacare Upgrade: Consumers See Improvement But Insurers Smell Trouble As the National government closes in on its self-imposed deadline to repair the troubled online medical health insurance marketplace, customer advocates say it really is becoming easier for folks to sign up for insurance coverage but insurers warn that critical flaws continue steadily to hinder participating health plans .Related StoriesNew initiative launched to accelerate search for effective HIV vaccineGenvoya authorized as complete regimen for HIV treatmentNew computer model predicts levels of HIV treatment engagementAbbott can be facing six various other antitrust lawsuits filed by 16 companies, the AP/Herald Tribune reviews. Two other lawsuits filed in Illinois have already been dismissed . ‘The price adjustment of Norvir was the best response to improvements that Abbott scientists made in dealing with HIV and captured the reasonable value of its fresh use as a bolster’ in mixture therapies,’ Abbott spokesperson Scott Stoffel said.