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Epstein was previously 30 years. As Chief of Cardiology at the National Heart, and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland Epstein is an internationally recognized authority in the field with over 500 publications in peer-reviewed medical journals. His current research interests focus on the understanding and treatment of cardiovascular disease at the molecular level.. Advanced speakers medical research organizations in the Ukraine, 30 years.

Improve the early detection, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease is a major health challenge for independent Ukraine. MaxWell Biocorporation is proud to contribute to this important goal.The Associated Press / Bloomberg Business Week: At the meeting, ‘[d] he governor said[ industry groups] they have partly responsible to blame of be a costly Medicaid system it tells, their privatization concept needed to deal with with the German government public health. Overhaul. The idea came to no further as a result of the meeting, though say the industry representatives of they are happy to cooperating the Governor ‘.

FDA cleared Executes nation’s first transcatheter delivery aortic valve the implant a with FDA – Approved Certified Favorite Treatment.

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital / Columbia University Medical Center present in the United States in the United States in order implanted to SAPIEN transcatheter aortal valve as a TSP permitted standard of care for. This major advance for patient care follow the FDA’s decision on Nov. 2 and SAPIEN disease appearance of favorable treatment to patients to in order to traditional aortic valve operates authorize.