Advaxis licenses ISG15 tumor antigen from University of Pennsylvania Advaxis.

Advaxis licenses ISG15 tumor antigen from University of Pennsylvania Advaxis, Inc., , a head in developing the next era of immunotherapies for cancer and infectious diseases, has solely licensed the use of antigen ISG15 in Advaxis’ Lm-LLO structured immunotherapies from the University of Pennsylvania. This intellectual property or home resulted from research conducted in Dr . Yvonne Paterson’s laboratory that demonstrated ISG15 was a highly effective immunological focus on for the treatment of breast cancer in pet models. Related StoriesNew studies suggest ways to improve cancer treatment by inhibiting oncogenes, boosting tumor-suppressor activityStudy shows why tumor anemia therapy stimulates tumor growthDiscovery may lead to brand-new anti-metastasis therapies for advanced-stage brain cancer patients’Targeting ISG15 may represent a therapeutic strategy suitable for a people of patients with advanced breast cancer for whom few authorized treatments currently exist.

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