Afghanistan massacre by U.

Sergeant reveals epidemic of psychiatric drugging of soldiers The recent massacre of 16 civilians in Afghanistan by a rampaging U.S. Armed service sergeant has something in common with nearly every school shooting in america – – something the mainstream mass media typically refuses to report: These shooters often have a brief history of psychiatric medication ‘treatment’ by psychiatrists. Psychiatric drugs are now routinely used over the U.S. Military, where violent suicides possess skyrocketed to levels nothing you’ve seen prior seen in history. 18 veterans commit suicide every full day, says this NaturalNews article reprinted on CCHR: The story reports: Prior to the Iraq war, American soldiers in fight zones did not take psychiatric medications, regarding to PBS Frontline documentary The Wounded Platoon, which aired in-may 2010..

21 minutes a year to save lots of your marriage A straightforward seven-minute composing exercise performed 3 x a year prevented married couples from losing affection for each other over time, researchers from Northwestern University found in a study published in the journal Mental Science. ‘I don’t want it to sound like magic, but you can get pretty impressive outcomes with minimal intervention,’ lead author said Eli Finkel.