AFMR to honor Einstein clinical scientist with Exceptional Investigator Award Meredith Hawkins.

‘This is well-deserved reputation for Dr. Hawkins’ stellar background as a scientific and translational investigator.’ A prior recipient of AFMR’s Junior Physician-Investigator Award, Dr. Hawkins will show an overview of her work at AFMR’s Henry Christian Awards dinner on April 17, 2012. She will after that accept the award at the Translational Science 2012 meeting on April 19, 2012 in Washington DC. ‘I am honored and thankful to receive this award,’ said Dr. Hawkins. ‘As the price of diabetes and its own serious health complications continues to rise worldwide, support and validation from companies just like the AFMR are required to help investigators like me continue to determine and develop effective and practical treatments.’ Dr.Air Techniques utilizes the latest technology to create a uniform, total surface area covering, ultra-thin inner lining, preserving the ongoing health of your individuals and safeguarding your instruments and portable equipment from oxidation. AirStar continues to business lead the pack in efficiency, innovation and reliability, today we are rendering it even better and, said Jay Ramachandran, item manager at Air Techniques. With an internally-coated antimicrobial container, AirStar delivers consistently safe, reliable and dry air flow assuring peace of mind for dentists and patients.