Akorn exits vaccine distribution business Akorn.

Akorn exits vaccine distribution business Akorn, Inc. The existing supply agreement will end on March 14, 2010. The business announced its intent to exit the distribution of flu vaccines. Furthermore, the Td vaccine business created excessive economic burden on the ongoing organization since its launch and is expected to contribute only marginally to operating earnings in 2009 2009. Exiting the vaccine distribution business allows our sales team to focus on new product launches and on higher margin items. We expect a clean transition of the Td vaccine business and will continue to support our existing client needs through our supply chain.?.Neck dissection is a common process of treatment of head and neck cancer. There are various kinds of neck dissection, which vary based on which structures are removed and the anticipated unwanted effects. One type – the radical throat dissection – involves complete removal of lymph nodes from one part of the neck, the muscle mass that helps turn the head, a major vein, and a nerve that is critical to full range of motion for the arm and shoulder. Chronic pain and shoulder mobility problems are common after such medical procedures, adversely affecting quality of life in addition to employability for several occupations, said Dr.