Al-Shabab says ban on help groups in Somalia remains to be in place.

We are testing the ground to see how we are able to best get life-saving supplies in as quickly as possible to those at the epicentre of the famine in the south, WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran said in a statement on Thursday . Also on Thursday, the U.N. On July 25 in Rome Food and Agriculture Business announced an emergency meeting to be held, which is expected to end up being attended by ministers and senior representatives from its 191 member countries, additional U.N. Bodies, NGOs and regional development banks, Reuters notes. The conference was called at the demand of France, current president of the Group of 20 leading economies, according to the news agency .We compared survival probabilities for kidney donors with those for the general population, using existence tables from the Individual Mortality Database, which combines data relating to survival and death rates from the National Middle for Health Figures with data from additional sources.14 Expected survival probabilities were calculated separately according to sex in 1-yr calendar intervals. For donors who were 40 years of age during donation in 1990, the expected death count in the first yr will be the rate for folks in the general population who were 40 years old in 1990, and the expected rate in the next year will be the rate for people in the general population who were 41 years old in 1991; this technique annually was updated.