Alliqua acquires global license for wound treatment dressings from Noble Biomaterials Alliqua.

Additionally, the transaction carries a hydrocolloid dressing that should further enhance the Company’s offerings in the $11.8 billion wound care market and that initially the target markets for the item will include diabetic ulcers, pressure sores, burns and post surgical applications. Based on the National Institute of Wellness , every year there are more than 2.5 diabetic ulcers diagnosed in the U.S. And a lot more than 30 million surgical procedures performed. David Stefansky, Chairman of Alliqua stated: ‘We have become worked up about collaborating with Noble Biomaterials through the licensing of the two products, especially the hydrogel that utilized Alliqua’s hydrogels.I was buying in a cookware store a few weeks back again and got speaking with the manager. She was being driven by me crazy about finding non-aluminum cookware! She was very useful and we acquired a good time exploring which cookware is completely aluminum-free. For some reason after my second visit to the store, I said the good reason I was little kooky concerning this aluminum concern was because I am cancer survivor. It turns out she is too! Cancer survivors have a way finding each other.