Almost 70 percent of New Yorkers with disability are obese The New York STATE DEPT.

We are troubled but not surprised to note that the %age of individuals with disabilities who statement being obese is normally 34.9 percent, and that there's an additional 34. The Independent Living Center is one of the users of the DASH-NY coalition attempting to Design a solid and Healthy NY, and prevent obesity and persistent disease. Housed at THE BRAND NEW York Academy of Medicine, DASH-NY works toward community and statewide style and policy changes that can increase access to well balanced meals, physical activity, and appropriate healthcare. When you prioritize disease prevention, you realize there are many basic things we can perform to transform the environment and make it less complicated for people to eat right and get exercise, said Dr.She has no health insurance. She relies on her mother to buy her a yearly checkup as a Christmas gift, and she will pay out of her very own pocket for the others of her health care, including $1,250 for a recent ultrasound. But Ms. The Associated Press: Women’s Group Airs Ad Criticizing Health Care Law A conservative women’s group on Wednesday released a $6 million ad campaign in presidential battleground states criticizing President Barack Obama’s health care reform law. The 60-second ad from Concerned Women for America features a grouped family physician, Ami Siems, warning that patients may be denied care under the new law and might not be able to choose their own doctor.