AMA: Repeal Dont Ask.

Another quality stating that the AMA should oppose the just-passed House costs also was soundly defeated by a 350-167 vote, displaying delegate support for a previously-stated AMA stand again. Other policies adopted at the conference include: Ban Hand-Held CELLULAR PHONE Use While Driving The AMA, whose policy already supports a ban on text-messaging while driving, said it supports expanding law to ban the use of all hand-held devices by drivers, to help prevent accidents.They were presented with two abortion-rights value issues – women’s reproductive rights and freedom from federal government interference in private lives – and two anti-abortion issues – the worthiness of human life and a moral code of sexual conduct. The students were asked to rate their own opinions also to estimate that of the typical person with the opposite view. ‘To be certain, real distinctions of opinion existed between the groups,’ said Chambers, who did the extensive study with Robert Baron, a University of Iowa psychologist and Mary Inman, a Hope University psychologist.