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23andMe research discovers two novel gentic associations with Parkinson’s Leading personal genetics firm analyzed largest one Parkinson’s GWAS cohort to day and proves success of using Web-based options for research enrollment and data collection to yield fresh scientific insights into etiology of Parkinson’s diseaseToday 23andMe, an industry innovator in personal genetics, announced the discovery of two significant, novel genetic associations with Parkinson’s disease and provided new evidence that there surely is a substantial genetic component staying to be uncovered for Parkinson’s. Web-based genome-wide association study identifies two novel loci and a considerable genetic component for Parkinson’s disease was published on the web today in PLoS Genetics .

Called the New England Compounding Middle. Up to 14,000 patients might have been exposed to those contaminated injections that were sent to 76 services in 23 states. The Department of Justice confirmed Tuesday that they are investigating the allegations. Is meningitis in a state? Fungal meningitis outbreak linked with New England Compounding Center steroid injections has sickened a lot more than 400 in 19 states, killing 30 On Monday, health officials had announced 214 infections in 15 claims linked with the contaminated injections. Tuesday at 15 each The number of deaths and states mixed up in outbreak remained steady. Husband tests bad for meningitis that killed his wifeTwo even more drugs from meningitis-linked firm probedInside the brand new England Compounding CenterFor weeks, government health officials have been urging doctors to contact sufferers who got the company’s methylprednisolone acetate shot to recommend them about the risks of fungal infection, and urge them to take any meningitis symptoms such as for example fever and headache seriously.