And Agios Pharmaceuticals.

Agios, Foundation Medicine announce diagnostic partnership for malignancy metabolism programs Foundation Medicine, Inc., and Agios Pharmaceuticals, Inc., today announced a multi-year diagnostic partnership for Agios' lead programs in cancer metabolism. These programs concentrate on developing new tumor fat burning capacity inhibitors targeting tumors carrying mutations in either the IDH1 or IDH2 metabolic enzymes. Foundation Medicine and Agios are collaborating to identify tumor genomic alterations which you can use to identify which patients are likely to react to Agios' IDH1 and IDH2 drug candidates, and to develop and commercialize diagnostic items for these applications potentially.America’s graying population, coupled with the yet-to-be-determined effect of healthcare reform, means countless science and health care jobs will need to be filled within the next decade. 2 million new wage and salary jobs between 2008 and 2018. Salary and Wage employment in the healthcare market is projected to improve 22 % through 2018, compared with 11 % for all industries combined. The occupations projected to grow the fastest, include home wellness aides, medical assistants, and physical therapists. DiGate, PhD, provost at University of the Sciences. ‘To meet the projected growing demand, there is apparently a have to help teenagers understand the types of health care and science opportunities open to them, and then encourage them within their choices.’ The study, conducted between Might 20-25 among 604 high school-age students, also shows that the disinterest in health care and science jobs is partly due to learners feeling intimidated by the field.