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In Yemen civilians and hospitals were badly by fighting in the Saada region in the north of the country as government forces fought rebels forced tens of thousands affected by the fighting. Of people from their homes and forced MSF the only hospital serving an entire neighborhood peeled shelled close FDA webbplatsen . And in a blatant case of abuse of humanitarian assistance for military gain, civilians gathered with their children at MSF vaccination sites in North Kivu, DRC in October came under attack by government forces, the attack threatened to seriously undermine the confidence required to carry out independent medical humanitarian work in conflict situations.

Were trapped in Sri Lanka, tens of thousands of civilians without assistance and limited health care government forces battled Tamil Tiger rebels in the spring Aid groups, including MSF. Were banned from entering the zone of conflict in Somalia, civilians continue the brunt of a vicious civil war contribute more than 200,000 people have fled the capital, Mogadishu, were alone in the first months of 2009 and increasingly targeted helper. At least 42 aid workers have been killed since 2008, including three MSF staff.

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