Aquifers Tainted With Natural Uranium: Study: WEDNESDAY.

And, nitrate concentrations were up to 189 times greater than the EPA standards, the researchers reported. This aquifer provides water to eight says, the researchers said. California’s Central Valley aquifer contains uranium concentrations up to 180 instances the EPA threshold. Nitrate concentrations had been up to 34 times greater than the EPA threshold, the study revealed. August problem of the journal Environmental Science and Technology Letters The analysis was published in the. Prior studies have suggested that long-term consumption of uranium-contaminated water could be associated with improved risk of kidney damage and high blood pressure. Research has also shown that food crops can accumulate uranium when irrigated with drinking water which has high concentrations of the material, the scholarly study authors said.At baseline, the daily dose of aspirin used was 75 to 100 mg in 96.0 percent of sufferers and more than 100 mg in 3.5 percent. The most typical antithrombotic medications utilized by patients who completely discontinued the study medication were supplement K antagonists and aspirin alone . A total of 777 patients received a vitamin K antagonist after discontinuation of the trial medication. Outcomes The primary end point occurred in 832 patients receiving clopidogrel as compared with 924 individuals receiving placebo . The reduction in the risk of major vascular events in the clopidogrel group was mainly due to a decrease in the incidence of stroke.