Are Vaginal Germs Associated with Preemie Birth?

Dr. Josef Neu, a professor of neonatology at the University of Florida University of Medication in Gainesville, cautioned that the study findings are limited. While they’re interesting, he said, the findings don’t prove that certain bacterial patterns are related to premature birth. The data is preliminary, the real quantity of subjects studied is small, and having less a clear mechanism of how altered vaginal microbes may cause preterm birth will demand considerable additional analysis, Neu said. Vaginal bacteria testing might one day become routine, but there’s insufficient evidence to aid it now, he said. Eventually, an antibiotic treatment might come along to adjust the makeup of bacteria in the vagina, he said.Food allergies rear their ugly heads at the holidays also. Patrick said he sees a whole lot of children in anaphylactic shock around Thanksgiving, because they have eaten foods prepared by others unfamiliar with their dietary restrictions. 5. Fowl Play Before or after the big meal, families and friends like to allow off steam by taking part in sports often, and football injuries are common this right time of year. One of the oddest accidental injuries Glatter has noticed involved a guy who fell while wearing a helmet made out of a raw turkey, the doctor said. 6. In-law anguish For some, spending the holiday season with family is normally a terrifying prospect.