But with reduced toxicity and side-effects to the patient.

Chen S. Gopalakrishnan R, Schaer T, Marger F, Hovius R, Bertrand D, Pojer F, Heinis C. Di-thiol amino acids can shape and enhance the ligand-binding properties of polypeptides structurally. Nature Chemistry 31 August 2014. DOI: 10.1038/nchem.2043.. A new man made amino acid for an emerging class of drugs One of the greatest challenges in modern medicine is developing medicines that are impressive against a target, but with reduced toxicity and side-effects to the patient.It really is to be mentioned that only a professional cancer professional can diagnose mesothelioma. The disease starts in small lumps in the pleura membrane, that may not be scanned on X-rays, until they are advanced and grown in huge size up. The symptoms of the disease might not come into view until 30-50 years of contact with asbestos. The treatment options available for this type of cancer are: Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy with doxorubicin or adriamycin provides been 20 percent responsive in cases of mesothelioma. Radiation Therapy: This disease is fairly moderately responsive towards radiation therapy also.