Daniel Gaudet.

The results of our study support the continued development of ISIS 304801 for the treatment of patients who stay at risk for cardiovascular events and pancreatitis because of high triglyceride levels.. Daniel Gaudet, M.D., Ph.D., Veronica J. Alexander, Ph.D., Brenda F. Baker, Ph.D., Diane Brisson, Ph.D., Karine Tremblay, Ph.D., Walter Singleton, M.D., Richard S. Geary, Ph.D., Steven G. Hughes, M.B., B.S., Nicholas J. Viney, B.Sc., Tag J.Five patients had severe mitten deformities, and four utilized wheelchairs. Furthermore, two had clinically significant renal impairment and four experienced severe iron-deficiency anemia. Transplantation-Related Events Despite a 50 percent decrease in the dosage of fludarabine due to a reduced glomerular filtration rate, Patient 2 died before the bone marrow infusion could possibly be carried out because of hemorrhagic cardiomyopathy that was probably due to cyclophosphamide cardiotoxicity.