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Place in the combining bowl along with the cauliflower. * Place 1 tbsp of olive oil in and mix thoroughly. * Place the contents of the bowl on a big baking sheet covered with PAM, or some other non-stick prep, and spread equally. * Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees. * Once preheated, place the veggies in the oven for approximately 40 to 45 mins. * Remove when the edges of the cauliflower are a dark brown color. * Place the roasted veggies back in the large mixing bowl and add pesto sauce. You may use a pre-produced sauce or make it yourself.Haluska, M.D., Ph.D., vice president of clinical research and advancement and chief medical officer. The interim data from the Speed trial that we expect to be provided at the ASH meeting provides a very important early read-out on the basic safety and tolerability of ponatinib and what is likely to be initial three-to-six month efficacy data. AP26113 Moves Into the Clinic This Quarter ARIAD is normally advancing its third internally uncovered small-molecule oncology-drug applicant into clinical development this quarter. The ongoing business shown preclinical data on AP26113, its investigational dual-inhibitor of both EGFR and ALK, two different and validated targets in individuals with non-small cell lung malignancy clinically, in the next quarter. The investigational brand-new drug application for AP26113 in the U.S.