Including nurses overall job fulfillment.

AACN Advanced Critical Treatment features symposium series on great things about certification for clinicians The January-March issue of AACN Advanced Critical Care includes a symposium series centered on the advantages of certification for clinicians and guidelines to encourage a culture of certification within teams of acute and critical care professionals How long does it take for a blister on your lip to heal? .We.T. A growing body of evidence factors to a positive correlation between qualification and a host of issues facing employers, including nurses’ overall job fulfillment, their perceptions of empowerment and their intention to leave their current position, Tracy says. Recruiting and retaining certified nurses is an concern facing many workplaces.

Children’s NICU happens to be the only neonatal device in the country to have achieved the Beacon Award at any level. Together, the MSICU and NICU are the first neonatal and pediatric ICUs to receive gold-level status. The MSICU was previously awarded the Beacon Award for Critical Care in Fall 2009/2010. The Beacon Award for Excellence recognizes unit caregivers who effectively improve patient outcomes and align procedures with AACN’s Healthy WORK PLACE Standards. Units that achieve this three-year, three-level award with gold, silver and bronze designations meet national criteria consistent with Magnet Acknowledgement, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and the National Quality Healthcare Award.