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Doesn’t this potentially expose this female to aerosolized Ebola particles? The authenticity of these photos is confirmed through local ABC affiliate WFAA channel 8, whose helicopter captured these photos. Click here for the original Twitter photo feed. Delivering supplies without protective gear?Another photo by James Breeden of Splash News flash, reprinted by the NY Post [3], appears to show the Crimson Cross delivering food products to the Duncan family while wearing absolutely no protective gear whatsoever! Click here for the initial source of that photo. Total incompetence, or a deliberate strategy?The incredible incompetence of these actions is staggering.Call 911 if: there’s a fire someone is unconscious after a major accident, drinking too much, or an overdose of pills or medicines someone has trouble breathing, want during an asthma seizure or attack someone is choking a crime sometimes appears by you being committed, such as a break-in, mugging, etc. What to Say When you call 911, the crisis dispatch operator will ask what, where, and who queries such as: What is the emergency? or What happened? Where are you? or Where do your home is? Who needs help? or Who’s with you? You may feel panicky, but try to stay in control. The operator demands the answers to these questions to decide which kind of emergency workers should be sent and where to send them. Give the operator all of the given info you can in what the emergency is normally and how it happened.