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Principal End Point There have been 25 deaths in the integrated-therapy group, for a death count of 5.4 per 100 person-years, in comparison with 27 deaths in the sequential-therapy group, for a death count of 12.1 per 100 person-years . After adjustment for baseline WHO status of HIV infection , CD4+ cell count, age, sex, the existence or absence of a history of tuberculosis, the absence or existence of extrapulmonary tuberculosis, and baseline HIV RNA level, the hazard ratio was 0.43 .Growth hormone helps aid in better sleeping patterns. If you have less interrupted sleep you can have an improved and fuller REM rest cycle. Better sleep can help rejuvenate both physical mind and body. Energy can sometimes be a nagging problem if you are looking to hit the fitness center. After a full day of work many folks are exhausted and not looking forward to a good workout. HGH might help boost your energy without the relative unwanted effects of energy drinks. With that extra energy you could be more able to work harder and build more muscle. The greatest good thing about growth hormone is perhaps that while used limited dosages there is absolutely no side impact. Because your body already produces growth hormones there exists a better chance of your body absorbing and using it efficiently.