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The estimates for adverse fetal outcomes were similar between women who filled one ondansetron prescription and those who filled two or more prescriptions . Because no increased risk of birth defects was detected in association with ondansetron exposure, we modeled the effect of a hypothetical unmeasured confounder that may mask a genuine risk and found that its influence on the observed estimate will be relatively small . For instance, if a confounder halved the chance of birth defects and was twice as prevalent in the group subjected to ondansetron, the observed estimate of just one 1.12 would have been biased by 11.1 percent and the confounder-adjusted estimate would be 1.26.The letter included reports from inspectors produced during its oversight and monitoring of the home, ordered by Congress in 2005. In his letter, Walker observed a rising number of resident deaths, an increased admission price to Walter Reed, human waste found in resident areas and veterans experiencing bed sores. Walker wrote, GAO believes that these allegations ought to be examined because AFRH citizens – – a vulnerable people of elderly, enlisted, military retirees, may be at risk. Timothy Cox, the chief operating officer for the house, stated that GAO accusations had been without merit and were inflammatory allegations made without investigation.