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He is also an associate of the AAN Medical Economics and Management Committee and Payment Policy Subcommittee. ‘The Forum provided me with the knowledge needed to make use of a number of tools, including cultural media, to market public events and involve patients in taking charge of their mind health,’ said Moschanos, who serves as Medical Director of Four Peaks Neurology in Scottsdale. ‘We regularly have over 100 attendees at our occasions, which is interesting and rewarding to find.’ Moschonas voluntarily uses his social press skills to instruct within the medical community aswell..

S. Adult population and approximately 24 million people globally. The survey revealed that 66 % of sufferers with schizophrenia have severe trust or quite definitely trust in their psychiatrists.66 % of patients feel their psychiatrists are worried for their emotional needs. Additionally, more than half of patients and caregivers, or 54 %, are very comfortable discussing medication options with psychiatrists.Schizophrenia is a lifelong disease with no cure, so it is essential that sufferers and caregivers are informed about the medication possibilities and are active individuals with their psychiatrist in determining the right treatment plans for them or their loved one.D., Therapeutic Area Leader Psychiatry, Ortho-McNeil Janssen Scientific Affairs, L.L.C.