Many Seniors Given Antipsychotic Meds.

Many Seniors Given Antipsychotic Meds, Despite Potential Problems: – WEDNESDAY, Oct. 21, 2015 – – Antipsychotic drug make use of in American seniors increases with age, a fresh study cautions. The researchers found that the %age of individuals aged 80 to 84 who received a prescription for an antipsychotic drug was twice that of people aged 65 to 69 generic levitra . This increase is occurring despite the known dangers of serious unwanted effects such as stroke, kidney harm, and loss of life, they added. ‘The results of the study suggest a need to focus on fresh ways to treat the underlying causes of agitation and confusion in the elderly,’ study author Dr. Mark Olfson, from the faculty of Doctors and Surgeons and Columbia University in NEW YORK, said in a information discharge from the U.S.

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