Of the 314 parents read.

Of the 314 parents, 201 reported at least it with a gun in the home, and 91 % of respondents gun gun with the kids. A total of 141 parents with guns in the home reported that their children knew where the weapons were stored, and 61 said they thought their children had handled a gun in the house read . Overall, 39 % of the parents that do not know their children where the weapon and 22 % of those said said their children never handled a gun in the house talked about their children the answers to the same questions contradicted. ‘Parents who their weapons their weapons and discussed gun safety with their children are likely to contradicted as parents who did not take such safety measures,’the authors write. – The results, they go to the conclusion ‘that, in a region where gun ownership is widespread and where children are frequently included in gun activity, many mothers to be wrong about the extent of of their children’s potential access and exposure in the home appear cannon. ‘.

Firearms accounts for about 10 % of the deaths among U.S. Children aged 5 to 14 years, according to background information in the article. For every gun deaths among children, three children are injured by guns, but not die. Many of these injuries occur when children have access to household firearms. Guns are also widely in homes with children in homes without the authors write.

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