Participation in the treatment decision-making and their information and support needs

The survey, part of The GAEA Initiative involved 547 postmenopausal women with early breast cancer from nine European countries, it has been designed to find out women knowledge and understanding about adjuvant endocrine therapy and the risk of recurrence of their. Participation in the treatment decision-making and their information and support needs . Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy for breast Cancer Surgery given in order to reduce the risk of recidivism and will continue normally for at least five years. There are several types of treatment available, from a different risk a different risk-benefit profile for the patient. Patients need to know the purpose of adjuvant endocrine therapy and the different risk-benefit profiles of each therapy so that they can make an informed choice. Physicians, we are clearly not some patients not having them in the decision to establish adjuvant endocrine therapy and not give them the information they need make those decisions make these decisions, said Dr. Alberto Costa, Director of European School of Oncology , Milan, Italy and GAEA steering committee member. This is not effective medical practice. Based on these findings, ESO initiatives will help doctors communication skills communication skills and develop more effective in meeting the needs of the patient oriented. .

About the GAEA Initiative and patient surveyThe GAEA Initiative is a collaboration between ESO, EONS and Novartis Oncology. The survey, which initiative initiative, postmenopausal patientsl patients to determine the knowledge of the risk of recurrence in early stage breast cancer, define their understanding of the purpose of adjuvant endocrine therapy, their attitude to adjuvant endocrine therapy and to identify their information and support needs and how this can be met. Europa Donna, the Breast Cancer Coalition, served as a resource for patient organizations GAEA Initiative. – The GAEA patient among among postmenopausal breast cancer patients undergoing adjuvant endocrine therapy in nine European countries: France , Germany , Austria , Hungary , Italy , Spain , Sweden , Switzerland and the United Kingdom . Total of 547 questionnaires were analyzed. Women were granted the right to complete the questionnaire if they with early breast cancer has been diagnosed, were postmenopausal, currently adjuvant endocrine ,, that started at least one year ago.

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