Patricia Jabre.

These systems are ambulance foundation stations equipped with a number of mobile intensive care devices, comprising an ambulance driver, a nurse, and a senior crisis physician as the minimal team.13 Basic randomization procedures were used to assign eight of the participating devices to the intervention and seven to the control. We included adult family of adult sufferers in cardiac arrest occurring at home. We evaluated only one first-degree relative per individual. The relative was chosen in accordance with the legislation on hospitalization at the demand of a third party in the next order of choice: spouse, mother or father, offspring, sibling. Exclusion requirements were conversation barriers with the relative and cardiac-arrest cases where resuscitation had not been attempted.Proxima also adds new competencies with regards to primary care rehabilitation and occupational wellness. The purchase is subject to acceptance from relevant competition authorities, which is expected during the second quarter.

Airline Meningitis Scare A teenager who fell seriously ill on an AirTran Airways air travel was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis, and the airline was contacting travellers who sat close to her, a spokesman said. The girl, whose identification wasn’t released, mon at Wesley INFIRMARY was in important condition, a hospital spokeswoman said. Saturday from Orlando The teen had traveled, Fla., to Atlanta on Flight 862 and to Wichita on Airline flight 687, AirTran spokesman Dave Hirschman stated. The crew needed an ambulance to meet the plane at the gate after the girl became ill on the second trip and unresponsive, he said.