Respectively] increase pDNA[ plasmid DNA] vaccine potency online pharmacy.

Key observations included the study: – vaccination in combination with in vivo electroporation led to a rapid and enhanced vaccine-specific immune responses. What. Increase in CMI[ cell-mediated immune response] reactions indicates an apparent 50-200 fold[ 8 weeks and 22 weeks, respectively] increase pDNA[ plasmid DNA] vaccine potency online pharmacy . – It is important that improved in vivo electroporation of the immune response against the less immunogenic antigens, to a balanced immune response what. – In addition, electroporation in vivo resulted in an approximate 2.5 log10 increase antibody responses. Wyeth’s non-human primate data demonstrated a significant increase in both the width and strength of the cellular immune response to selected HIV antigens This is the kind of answer that immunologists have for many years sought, said Avtar Dhillon, president and CEO of Inovio. During these data must be reproduced in human clinical trials, the substantial improvement in potency confirmed previously observed our position that electroporation for DNA for DNA vaccines. .

Inovio Biomedical Corp. , the development the development of DNA vaccines and a novel solid tumor ablation, announced today that the Journal of Virology has a scientific paper on Inovio’s development partners, nonhuman primate reference published results from a non-human primate study of an investigational DNA vaccine against HIV delivered using Inovio Biomedical electroporation technology. The paper entitled Effect of plasmid DNA vaccine design and in vivo electroporation on the resulting vaccine-specific immune responses in rhesus macaques, summarized results of of a research project under the direction of Michael A. , a principle researcher at Wyeth Vaccine Research. The scientific work is finished. These results show that in vivo electroporation appears safe and can dramatically improve the delivery and immunogenicity of a multi-vector, multi-antigen pDNA vaccine in non-human primates Together these data have important implications for the design and development of an effective therapeutic. Vaccine for the treatment of HIV – 1 infection .

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