Scientists are reporting that a substance similar to resveratrol an antioxidant found in red wine.

The U.S. Medication and Food Administration happens to be evaluating a drug because of its ability to drive back radiation sickness, but it is difficult to create in huge amounts, and the drug has side-results that prevent its make use of for cancer patients. To overcome these drawbacks, the researchers studied whether resveratrol – an all natural and healthful antioxidant within many foods – could drive back radiation injuries.To my great astonishment, Mauricio and Angel unpacked the horses, leapt to their saddles and galloped off with an even of energy that I had long since left out on the trail. I sat there wide-eyed, impressed with not only the horses deeply, but the level of physical fitness of our remarkable courses also. They didn’t look especially muscular, but in terms of real-world fitness, they would put nearly every American fitness center junkie to shame. You will see the pictures from this unforgettable tour here: If you would like to take this tour yourself , come to Vilcabamba just, Ecuador and have for Angel the tour guideline.