Study: Lowering Beta-Blocker Dose May Increase Survival After CORONARY ATTACK: MONDAY.

Based on these findings, Goldberger said fresh studies should be conducted to determine the effects of different beta blockers and which are most effective for individual patients. There is typically not one right dosage for each patient, he said. It generally does not seem sensible that the same dosage will work for an 80-year-aged frail man who had a little coronary attack as a burly 40-year-old man with a huge coronary attack, Goldberger explained.ABAM’s objective is to have a member panel of the American Panel of Medical Specialties certify doctors in addiction medication. The ABAM Foundation’s purpose is normally to support ABAM’s mission also to establish and accredit programs to teach physicians from all specialties to recognize, treat and intervene sufferers and families. ‘Clinical training, coupled with passing of ABAM’s rigorous qualification examination, provides physicians with understanding of evidence-based addiction treatments,’ said Samet.