Thais who present the results of the recent HIV Vaccine Clinical Trial The debate is over.

Thais who present the results of the recent HIV Vaccine Clinical Trial The debate is over , the participants in the study should be counted-all 16,395 Thais who participated at some point or only the ones that doses of the vaccine doses of the vaccine and have remained in the study for the entire time the New York Times writes. Usually if drugs or vaccines studies are known both sets of statistics are included in the analysis. The researchers said last month that the vaccine was 31 % to work better than a placebo – and it was only a 4 – % chance that 31 % of the difference was just a coincidence? ,, a promising step in the long search seemed for a vaccine against AIDS, which than 25 million people than 25 million people.

‘Colonel Nelson Michael and Jerome Kim, researchers with the U.S. Army, who helped run the study, strongly against the claim that they gave the data, ‘writes the blog. ‘a positive spin we to give enough information to give so that we could make the world community a fair glimpse of what we learned have. We have tried very carefully to make sure September, when message was crystal clear, ‘said Michael, noting, ‘to show additional, select researchers a fuller presentation of the data, a paper describing in the year on the New England Journal of Medicine, both analyzes, and all results will be on 20th October ‘will be discussed .The researchers identified number of barriers to treatment, including:Some of patients supplied to hospitals that are not performing PCI certified.

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