The AMA has repeatedly called on COAG at least at least $ 3 billion to finance 3.

The AMA has repeatedly called on COAG at least at least $ 3 billion to finance 3,750 new public hospital beds and the staff and serve them. We have thousands of beds in hospitals or Australian ER blockades will not go away, said Capo Lingua. This is an urgent problem. It needs an immediate solution. The government has shown this week that she is capable of a large short-term commitment of the nation’s health care system – now we want to see that commitment to extend all patients to a bed in a community get if he or she needs it..

Now Time For billions on beds – Australian Medical AssociationAMA president Dr Rosanna Capo Lingua , today welcomed a $ 5000000000 injection of funds for hospital equipment and infrastructure, and called on the government, a similar obligation to fund more hospital beds. Make – This is a huge, much-needed boost to hospital funding and a great comeback for hospitals and emergency departments across the nation, said Capo Lingua. New equipment and upgraded emergency departments are absolutely necessary.

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