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Regarding to AHF, BMS and various other pharmaceutical companies provide antiretrovirals to some impoverished countries at suprisingly low prices, but because Mexico is considered a middle-income country, it does not qualify for the same prices. An antiretroviral program in Mexico can price up to $6,000 annually, while the country’s per capita income is approximately $7,300 each year, AHF said. BMS in a declaration stated that it establishes its global prices framework for antiretrovirals to ensure that people worldwide get access to its medicines.The ‘Other’ Malaria: The deadliest malaria parasite is definitely Plasmodium falciparum, but its close cousin Plasmodium vivax is alive and thriving in Latin and Asia America. Experts discuss new approaches to dealing with P. Vivax malaria, which can linger in the liver for a long time and trigger multiple relapses. ‘A Vaccine for ‘Breakbone’ Fever?: Mosquito-borne dengue fever, categorised as ‘breakbone fever’ for the incredible pain it causes in the joints, is on the rise and offers reemerged in Florida. The most recent on a potential vaccine breakthrough and the difficulties to rolling out immunizations for a disease associated with 100 million attacks and 25,000 deaths each full year.