The first of its type statewide.

I applaud Massachusetts legislators and the Department of Public Health for leading the nation in recognizing prostate cancer as a public health priority and creating the program, stated Dr. Faina Shtern, President of AdMeTech Base. While the current state of patient treatment is unacceptable and qualified prospects to varied unnecessary and failed methods, the recent advancements in screening, diagnosis and treatment reflect an excellent message of hope. With a boost in awareness and education, we will offer you this desire to countless men. According to AdMeTech Foundation, prostate cancer is the most common major malignancy in america and in Massachusetts, with 60 % higher incidence and 250 % higher mortality in African American males.For the sedentary, the message is easy, said I-Min Lee of the Harvard School of Public Health. Get off the couch and start moving. .. 10 rules to prevent child drownings Summer has arrived, and UCLA emergency doctors wish to remind parents preventing drownings and water-immersion accidents involving children. These unfortunate and heart-wrenching events many occur in the summer months often, which are filled with water activities.