The ruling invalidates the 2003 opinion of the states lawyer general.

The action was brought by the advocacy group Middle for Reproductive Privileges who sued in 2003 with respect to a group of obstetricians and gynecologists, nurses, psychologists, social employees, a family practice doctor, and a sex education teacher. Sedgwick and Kline County prosecutor Nola Foulston, as representative of most county and district attorneys in Kansas were named as defendants.. Abortion rights group victorious in Kansas courtroom battle In what’s being seen as a victory for an abortion legal rights group, a federal government judge in the United States has ruled that abortion clinic doctors and additional professionals aren’t required under Kansas law to report report consensual sexual activity of these under 16 to authorities.If you lay on a pillowcase that is dirty, all of the oils from your own hair and dirt can get on your own skin and make you have a problem with blackheads. Tip #3 – Use Products with Benzoyl Peroxide It’s also advisable to find and use products which have benzoyl peroxide in them if you want to cure blackheads as well. This ingredient helps to dried out out your skin about which will allow the top layer of dead skin to fall off. This can make it a whole lot easier so that you can unclog those pores that are influenced by blackheads. Tip #4 – Make use of a Clarifying Mask Yet another thing that can be done to cure blackheads is to use some type of a clarifying mask.