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Many people who have HIV are diagnosed past due in their illness; in 2006, 36 percent received an AIDS diagnosis within twelve months of assessment HIV positive. It is very important that folks know their HIV position and learn how in order to avoid becoming infected with HIV; or if they’re infected, know their status, and seek treatment, if needed, stated Michael Weinstein, President of Helps Healthcare Basis. MASSACHUSETTS HIV/AIDS statistics Cumulative AIDS Instances in MASSACHUSETTS: 1.9 percent of US total AIDS Diagnosis Rate per 100,000 population in MASSACHUSETTS: 5.8 Estimated amount of people living with Supports MASSACHUSETTS, all ages, 2007: 9,475 ..‘In our health care system, taxpayers and employers are the principal purchasers of health care services, and as health care costs continue to escalate, a growing number of purchasers want to understand how they are able to get real value from their healthcare investments,’ stated Ronald A. Williams, chairman of the Aetna Basis. In payment arrangements based on value, suppliers of health care are held accountable for both the price and quality of the care delivered – allowing them to receive more financial support for measures that improve care and lower costs, but that are not reimbursed in traditional company payment systems.