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The Kentucky Table of Optometric Examiners is normally holding a general public hearing to receive comments on the new regulations today. On nearly every level, these regulations fail to make sure that Kentuckians will receive the highest standard of eye care, said Woody Van Meter, president, Kentucky Academy of Eye Physicians and Surgeons. That is a laws that the general public didn’t wish, as demonstrated in more than one poll. Due to the controversy when the SB 110 was passed last February, the Kentucky Panel of Optometric Examiners should be emphasizing patient safety with these new regulations now. The proposed rules have little substance, do not specify details of training nor qualifications of teachers, and conceivably allow optometrists to start performing surgical treatments after a weekend training course.A few of the reasons why you is going for laser tattoo removal treatment over other tattoo removal remedies are explained below: 1. Laser removal of tattoos can be a well know method of removing the tattoo because the risks are much less compared to other methods available. 2. Laser removal is normally a comparatively new approach to removing unwanted tattoos. The advantages of the operational system have become as technology improves and the lasers become more effective with fewer side-effects. 3. An important benefit of laser removal systems is certainly that the tattoo is certainly eliminated without the invasive procedures.